Race to Mars: The Mars handbook
(11.5MB pdf document)

This downloadable book gives background information, explanations and activities for the scientific aspects of a Human Mission to Mars. Designed for Teachers or Students exploring a Mars Mission with or without a viewing of the Race to Mars Television series.

The Evolution of Planetary Surfaces
Grade 6 and 7 Science Curriculum Resource

In the Race to Mars TV series, we see how the mission crew was affected by the red dust that covers the surface of Mars. This educational resource provides teachers with background information, teaching notes and a hands-on simulation to help students gain insight into the processes of erosion that result in the evolution of planetary surfaces.

Artificial Gravity & Centripetal Acceleration
Grade 11 and 12 Science Curriculum Resource

This resource explores the need for Artificial Gravity during a long stays in space such as a trip from Earth to Mars. The background and activities sections detail how Centripetal Acceleration can be used to simulate gravity.

A Human Mission to Mars
Grade 11 and 12 Science Curriculum Resource

This educational resource covers trajectories for getting from Earth to Mars, as well as means of space-craft propulsion used in Race to Mars.

Questions and Answers
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